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Every Game a Victory

Verdugo Hills players overcome adversities to shine on the field   Verdugo Hills High quarterback Gage Van Kempen is in the thick of it. Deep in enemy territory on the enemy’s home field, his Dons are being pummeled by the perennial powerhouse El Camino High Conquistadors. Things have not been going well. By the middle…


Clean Is As Clean Does

Cleaning Up the Town   By Eddie Rivera News Editor   As the latest Sunland-Tujunga cleanup kicked off this past weekend, it enjoyed the singular distinction of being one community activity local residents could actually agree on. The almost-unanimous recognition has been largely through the work of Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council (STNC) Region 2 Representative Gail…


At the Front Window

El Pollo Pio Pio   By Ellen Michailov Guest Reviewer   Sunland-Tujunga is so fortunate to have some wonderful local cafes. One of my favorites is El Pollo Pio Pio in Tujunga, which opened in mid-2011. The restaurant’s big, colorful window-sign is clear: The charming chickens painted on the front window let passers-by know that…


Outside Looking In

Money, Power, and Character All Count in Foothills Development   By Joseph F. Mailander Guest Columnist   “We’re just an advisory committee. We’re not trying to set anybody on fire,” said Dale Gibson of the City of Los Angeles’s Equine Advisory Committee after I asked him about the Stop the Canyon Park Development presentation that…


The More I Learn

The More I Learn   By David Riemer Guest Columnist   In the last couple of months this column has focused on problems with our local high school, Verdugo Hills. Among these problems are financial mismanagement and declining performance on standardized tests. Many other problems are damaging the school too. Whether people realize it or…


No on Prop 46

No on Proposition 46   By James E. Mertzel, DDS Guest Columnist   Voters in California have a critical decision to make in this November’s election: whether to support or oppose the costly, deceptive Proposition 46. A broad and bipartisan coalition that includes doctors, dentists, community health centers, hospitals, local governments, business groups, and labor…

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