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Mammories of “The Mansion”

By Wally Wharton “Oooo … Look, Annie!” cooed Hanna in her heavy Czechoslovakian accent. “There’s Bill Cosby!” And sure enough, there he was, Bill Cosby—drink in hand, tall, cool, and sporting a ruffled, open-necked, red polyester shirt, high-waist, beige bell bottoms, and brown platform shoes—such was the “mode o’day” back in 1977. He was chatting…


Convicted Felon DeMulle under Federal Investigation in “Powder” Letters Case

Local residents receive mysterious “get well” cards; FBI leading the investigation By Eddie Rivera, News Editor Convicted felon and controversial Tujunga newspaper publisher David DeMulle, 75, is under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US Postal Service in connection with the mailing of several envelopes containing a “get well” card and an unknown…

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