ABC’s and Optimal Health

ABCs and Optimal Health


By Ann Bedrossian

Guest Columnist


As we know, vitamins are assigned to many letters of the alphabet. We use this knowledge to strive for optimal health. Some people manage to be healthy without doing more than taking vitamins and supplements. Others try to eat right and exercise. Being healthy requires commitment, though, and taking one multivitamin a day just won’t cut it.

There is no fast and easy way to know exactly how much of each vitamin, mineral, or herb you need to take to be at your best. Discovering your nutritional deficiencies and taking the proper supplementations can quite possibly change your life.

Through the years, I have added, eliminated, increased, and decreased my supplementation many, many times. With a little guidance and experimentation, you can be the masters of your own well being. You likely will see changes, but don’t expect overnight miracles.

Consider the following: Taking megadoses of vitamin C when you are already sick does very little to get you better. Also, try to separate your supplements in three dosages. Some supplements, such as B-complex and ginseng, can give you energy and should be taken with breakfast or lunch. Calcium, magnesium, and acidophiles make some of us sleepy, so they should be taken before bedtime.

Alcohol, milk, coffee, and tea don’t mix well with supplements. Take supplements with plenty of water or with diluted orange juice, and always be sure you have food in your stomach. Stress, illness, and an active lifestyle deplete supplements in your body. It would be a good idea to increase your intake as needed.

If you feel your health is lacking in any way, or if your are simply curious to see if you can take it to the next level, I urge you to take control, get informed, and take baby steps to a healthier life.


Disclaimer: This column is informational only and should not be considered medical advice.

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