Hot On Our Hills: Kabob Done Right

by George Hakopian

Welcome to our first edition of Hot On Our Hills, where I  try to experience and highlight the very best our community has to offer. Sure, there are many cool spots all around our city. This is Los Angeles, after all. But you may find yourself surprised to find out that with a little bit of searching, and an open mind, the Foothills has more than its share of coolness.

Looking around our community, it won’t take long to notice the never ending Kabob shops poppin’ up all around. It almost feels like every new eatery has its own take on Mediterranean food. It can get quite daunting. At some point, it feels like it’s all the same. But just as we all know that no two burger joints are alike, the same can be applied to the good ol’ Kabob.

I went into House of Skewers (8422 Foothill Blvd., Sunland) a few months ago because I just wanted to try something new for lunch. I wanted to avoid fast food places, and was hoping this place could offer something quick and relatively inexpensive. Little did I know it was going to soon become my go-to spot.

Luleh Kabob Sandwich and Small Tabouli Salad

Luleh Kabob Sandwich and Small Tabouli Salad

Upon checking out their menu, I noticed “Item #42 – Luleh Kabob Sandwich” for only $3.99.  A sandwich for less than the price of a macchiato seemed pretty attractive to me. I ordered the sandwich and a small Tabouli salad to go with it. I went home and opened the sandwich to find a freshly grilled, quite large, Luleh Kabob, tastefully seasoned, topped with sumac and a house mix of tomatoes, parsley, onions and lemon all wrapped in lavash bread.

For less than $8.00, I was able to eat a home cooked, healthy Kabob sandwich with a side of homemade Tabouli salad. Now that’s bang for your buck!

I didn’t think twice. I was coming back here. And I did. Again. And Again. And Again.

House of Skewers 

8422 Foothill Blvd. Sunland, CA 91040


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