A Message to Our Readers

A Message to Our Readers

We are pleased to present The Foothill Record, a free monthly newspaper serving the communities of Sunland-Tujunga, Shadow Hills, and Lake View Terrace.

Our mission is to present real news for a real community. We strive for balanced and fair accounts of what is happening in the foothills and beyond.

We don’t focus on fluff or obsess with the negative. Our reporters and writers want to tell stories so that readers are engaged and informed. We don’t shy from asking questions or from demanding answers.

The community deserves a newspaper that does not fudge the truth, sensationalize, or demean. We all deserve far better. The editorial staff of The Foothill Record embraces the code of ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists and pledges to “seek truth and report it,” “minimize harm,” “act independently,” and “be accountable.” The full code of ethics is available at spj.org/ethicscode.asp. We encourage readers to take a look at the code.

The Foothill Record features news and analysis, human-interest stories, business features, regular and guest columnists, and listings of community events. We also publish lots of photos. We have an op-ed section, called Viewpoint, which includes letters to the editor and features guest columnists. Viewpoint also includes, on occasion, staff editorials. Community members are invited to submit opinion articles and letters for the Viewpoint section.

Please send advertising requests, tips, story ideas, community news, business news, letters to the editor, calendar items, and other correspondence to info@thefoothillrecord.com or to P.O. BOX 472, Tujunga, CA, 91043. You also can post comments to our Facebook page (Facebook.com/TheFoothillRecord). Our website, with 24/7 updates, news and community briefs, and even more photos, will be live soon.


—Desiree Dreeuws, George Hakopian, Sonia Tatulian, Edwin Miranian

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  1. April 24, 2015 @ 12:36 am Iban

    Still the topic is one or two things. One is the insult and the ridiculousness of the ARMENIAN people trying to make US all feel like we need to see care or know about the lie they been told,of the death during a WAR they (100 yrs) ago didn’t fight and fled instead of fighting! And now not only they have come to invade and take our neighborhoods here in TUJUNGA and of course saturated all of Glendale , so they came to Tujunga to take all resources and insult the American people with the erragont behavior racing on our small streets cutting all our trees and destroying our beautiful AMERICAN homes to build monstrosity homes that belong in the deserts! WHY!? Humbleness would be the way to tell us we thank the Americans for excepting us! Having self control and use inside voices to speak so I don’t have to close my windows during my dinner time because they are so rude and loud! Yes! Rude!!! Don’t they have enough by GOD giving them a second chance to exist in this world and specially in this beautiful land of the USA!? Here in Tujunga, they need to keep their forceful FLAG and so call chanting, (here we are, look at us) to themselves or stay in Glendale or better yet stay in ARMENIA , for GOD’s sake!!! Go back home and see how you can do all you do here and see the difference! You are 6700 miles away but, YOU all went out of your way to invade or CALIFORNIA STATE or cities and you live for free but still ungrateful! Please stop them! Stop pushing it! Stop destroying our TREES! Stop being rude and scandals!


    • April 24, 2015 @ 4:55 pm Chewy

      “President Obama’s exercise in linguistic gymnastics on the ‪#‎ArmenianGenocide‬ is unbecoming of the standard he himself set and that of a world leader today. One hundred years ago, a crime without a name took place. The definition of that shameful act can be found in the statement just released by the White House. When America stands apart from the European Parliament, Pope Francis, Germany, Austria, and the International Association of Genocide Scholars, we should pause and think about where we are as a nation. The world should know that while our President bowed to Turkish denial, Armenian Americans and other people of good conscience will never allow our history to be swept under the rug. In that spirit, the Assembly is recommitted to educating our neighbors, friends, and our communities through the launch of the Armenian Genocide Museum of America. This state-of-the-art online museum (www.armeniangenocidemuseum.org) is dedicated to educating the public about the continuing consequences of the Armenian Genocide and its denial. The interactive site invites visitors to explore the story of the Armenian people and its fateful experience in 1915, and it will serve on the front lines against genocide denial. Genocide prevention is our obligation and we look forward to the day when the President joins us.” – Bryan Ardouny, Executive Director, ‪#‎Armenian‬ Assembly of America, in response to President Obama’s April 24 Statement > http://bit.ly/1EkLMPi < ‪#‎Armenia‬ ‪#‎Turkey‬ ‪#‎genocide‬ ‪#‎StandUPtoDenial‬ ‪#‎Remember1915‬


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